One thing that the pandemic has taught us all to collectively identify with is the notion of being stuck. Whether it is stuck sat in front of a screen on perpetual Zoom meetings, stuck spending a lot more time with your household that you ever intended to or being stuck for choice when it comes … Continue reading Stuck.

Bratislava Palaver

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror films. It all stems from when I saw a pirated copy of the film Piranha through the crack of the living room door as a six year old. As a direct result of my illicit viewing, I wouldn’t go swimming for a year and made my sister … Continue reading Bratislava Palaver

The Thin Poo Line

As with any young male, one of the most enjoyable of all the rites of passage that besiege the path to adulthood before the concept of Council Tax and Stamp Duty takes over is that first “Lads Holiday”. A fortnight of inaugural hedonism that grows from a seed planted over a Friday night beer in … Continue reading The Thin Poo Line

The Room-mate From Hull

The transition from Secondary school to University can be a traumatic experience. Especially when all your applications have been rejected and you are scouring the ‘Clearing’ pages of Ceefax daily, frantically trying to find somewhere/anywhere desperate to make up their numbers. I did have an unconditional acceptance letter from the University of Exeter, but it … Continue reading The Room-mate From Hull

The Tale of The Loose Canary

Every pub-dwelling male drinker worth his salt has a ‘go to’ story. It is the story that is pulled out when the alcohol consumption of the collective is at its most euphoric; the cornerstone anecdote to any lager-swilling raconteur’s portfolio. It has been retold so many times that each embellishment of the story-line blurs the … Continue reading The Tale of The Loose Canary

Panic! At the Disco

To say I have been unlucky with the fairer sex is a gross understatement. My first proper girlfriend had me sussed right from the wordgo.  “You remind me of the Irish actor off the telly.” Who could she mean after only knowing me for one date? That immediately set my mind racing. I started listing … Continue reading Panic! At the Disco